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Production Drilling

  • Number of Rigs: 12
  • Working Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Available Drilling Sizes: 76 – 140mm / 3’’ – 5.5’’
  • Sampling Device: Sandvik Device

Production Drilling Capabilities

The Golden Compass offers a diverse range of underground production drilling services such as cable bolt drilling, long-hole drill and blast, and more. Our drilling service teams are dedicated to delivering safe, fast, and effective production drilling by using pneumatic/hydraulic down-the-hole (DTH) or top hammer methods.

The Golden Compass offers:

  • Pneumatic top hammer
  • Electric/Hydraulic top hammer
  • Conversion top hammer/ITH

  • Long-hole Drill & Blast
    Used in both underground and surface applications in a pit, holes are drilled and explosives are then inserted to blast material, which is loaded and taken to the mill.
  • Slot & Inverse Raises
    Slot and inverse raises provide drill and blast holes from level to level in an underground mine. The Golden Compass uses portable drills and a time-tested methodology for cost effective meters.
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