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Reverse Circulation Drilling

  • Available Drilling Sizes: 4.5’’ – 5.5’’
  • Number of Rigs: 2
  • Max Depth: 220m
  • Working Location: Australia, Gulf GCC, MENA

Reverse Circulation Drilling Capabilities TEST

By combining our international team of reverse circulation experts with our diverse fleet of reverse circulation rigs and equipment, we meet even the toughest project requirements. In order to deliver the best solution for the job, our team of professionals work tirelessly to understand your project objectives as well as the ground and site conditions. We use that information to recommend the best solution for your project to meet the project requirements and exceed your expectations.

  • Technical Expertise
    The Golden Compass offers locally trained and certified crews with unparalleled knowledge and experience. The quality of our crews make the difference. GC reverse circulation drillers have extensive technical knowledge about ground conditions, techniques, and tooling to achieve.
  • Diverse Fleet
    We have the right rig with the right configurations for your next project. Our in-house engineering team customizes nearly all of our rigs for significant safety features and superior flexibility and productivity. Our diverse fleet of reverse circulation rigs includes various sizes, depth capacities (up to 800 feet / 220 meters), Mounting options include track. We offer a large fleet of all-terrain rigs so we can get to your green field exploration site, wherever it is. We’re consistently and constantly upgrading our rigs to the latest technology including rod handling.
  • Sampling System Cyclone Cone Splitter
    The EL850CS is Progradex’s “entry level” sampling system, Packed with superior features as standard, the system requires no electrics yet is still a fully automatic sequenced sampling system that produces outstanding duplicate repeatability in all RC drilling applications.
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